Hercules is the mythical hero of Greek mythology, known for his aesthetic physique and insane strength beyond any Greek mythical God. Hercules is best known as the strongest of all mortals, and even stronger than many mythical Gods. He was the son of Zeus (The Greek God of Gods).

We associated our brand to the mythical Greek God of strength to promote the perception of infinite strength among the athletes. To equip athletes with essential supplements worthy of the standards of Greek God, which will bring out their inner potential, power and strength.


Hercules Nutrition is a house of supplements, which has recently started its operation in Pakistan. We have initiated the store with an aim to provide the authentic and original product to our customer. Our sole belief is to promote the fitness culture in Pakistan by providing the ultimate quality products to the athletes with high aims.

This industry has been promoted tremendously all over the world but unfortunately here in Pakistan, it has been affected by the moneymakers who have been distributing fake products in market, which ultimately leads to damaging health of athletes. We are hitting the market with an aim to revive the fitness industry and create a positive perception of athletes towards supplements.

In addition, after a market research we have come up with the results that beginners, who have little or no knowledge about nutrition and supplementation, are influenced by the words of unprofessional trainers and try products, which are not suitable for their health and body.

Hercules Nutrition is providing the ultimate solution to educate beginners to reach their fitness goals with proper information, nutrition and supplementation. We are introducing an open platform for everyone to consult about their food, nutrition and supplementation with our highly experienced professional consultants.

We aim to serve and promote the fitness industry in Pakistan by providing the finest supplements. Join us in the journey of revolutionizing the fitness industry in Pakistan.